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“Bunny Romero’s White House Adventure” Is Available Now!

We’re thrilled to announce the arrival of our new book, Bunny Romero’s White House Adventure: The Whole Megillah!

Our story is about hopes and dreams and immigration, and it features Abraham Lincoln, Emma Lazarus, and the Statue of Liberty:

When Jewish immigrant Bunny Romero learns that her second-grade class will be visiting the White House, she jumps for joy. Now she is sure that her dream will come true: to eat her favorite cookies—her Mexican nana’s hamantashen—right there in the White House kitchen, which will help her to feel more at home in her new country. But what happens when Bunny discovers that the kitchen is not part of the tour? Find out in this delightful rhyming tale, lightly sprinkled with Spanish, Yiddish, and Hebrew, about a day that Bunny—and everyone else at the White House (including one fun-loving turkey)—will never forget!


An illustrated Spanish, Yiddish, and Hebrew glossary • A dream diary • A bissel of history that includes Abraham Lincoln, Emma Lazarus, the Statue of Liberty — and Bunny Romero! • A hamantashen recipe

You can purchase it from Amazon.com.


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