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Write and Speak with Confidence!

In this photo-filled book, each chapter focuses on a particular aspect of culture: exploration, art and invention, food, sports, classic movies and TV, poetry, and travel. Every example-packed lesson is paired with one of our favorite things—from baseball to bagels—to make learning fun and easy!

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Margie Blumberg

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“An overview of the basics of English grammar, written at a level appropriate for both adults and children. . . . The book’s greatest strength is its abundance of examples. . . . A thorough and useful adjunct to English textbooks and an effective reference tool.”

“[P]hotos, sidebars of information, and concluding chapter quizzes enliven the entire presentation and make it simple and fun to absorb the basics of good grammar in an easy guide that can be used for ESL students, adults seeking a refresher course, or students learning grammar basics.”

“It is a fun and fast little learning tool and a must-have for anyone wanting to teach others or improve their own grammar skills.”

“‘The Scoop on Good Grammar’ by Margie Blumberg is not only informative and easy to use, but is also fun to use. . . . The book is not only easy to read and use, but it is also easy to reference for someone who needs a quick answer to a grammatical challenge. English teachers who are looking for a new approach to teaching grammar will fall in love with this book. . . . This book should be on the shelf of every person who writes or speaks the English language.”

“This is one of the most accessible grammar books I have come across. It’s really quite entertaining; however, some of the introductory topics may make you hungry. While ingesting verb forms, pronouns, and punctuation, you’ll learn about the history of cupcakes and bagels, and what the workers in a pizzeria are called. You’ll also learn fascinating details on sculptures, cities, and man’s first steps on the moon. Blumberg takes what can be a complex, dry, and exacting subject and makes it fun and understandable.”

“Do not pick up ‘The Scoop on Good Grammar’ by Margie Blumberg thinking it is just another boring book on the rules of the English language. While it is a comprehensive guide to English grammar, it is in no way boring. Ms. Blumberg presents the parts of speech and the rules that govern them in a way that allows you to read them as if you were reading a story. Each chapter begins with a paragraph or two about a topic that is not related to the subject the author is teaching, but it gets your attention as she explains how the different parts of speech are used. For instance, she uses a paragraph about ice skating to introduce you to verbs, explaining that the action in the paragraph is described using verbs. Later in the book, the author uses movies to explain the concept of capitalizing titles. . . . I would highly recommend this book to anyone who has the desire to communicate correctly via the written word. The author who needs to brush up on the rules will find it easy to navigate, and the student will find it complete.”


Book Details

Pages : 244 pages
Age Range : 12 to Adult
Publication Date : August 17, 2015
Size : 8.5 x 11 inches
ISBNs : 978-0-9913646-5-7

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