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Told in rhyme, this charming tale tells the story of Millie and Jimmy’s beach day, from the moment they fling their flip-flops until, home again, they say good night . . . almost! Bright and colorful illustrations show children the many activities to enjoy at the beach, such as throwing Frisbees and beach balls, flying kites, roasting marshmallows, and building sandcastles.

Meet the Author and the Illustrator


Written by Margie Blumberg

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Illustrated by June Goulding

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“With charming illustrations packed with details, and a cheerful rhyming text, this picture book beautifully captures the wonderful things that one can experience during a day at the beach. Children are sure to like the surprise ending.”

“Margie Blumberg has written a delightfully entertaining story about a family of bunny rabbits who spend a day at the beach. The rhyming text is as clever as it is entertaining. . . . Charmingly illustrated throughout by June Goulding, ‘Sunny Bunnies’ is a perfect pick for family, school, and community library picture book collections!”

“There are lots of activities in each illustration that aren’t captured in the text, giving you lots of opportunities to engage pre-readers and ask questions about what is happening.

Type of Reading: bedtime story, anytime reading, family reading, playtime reading, learning to read, read aloud book, remedial reader.

Educational Themes: This would make a great book for toddlers and preschoolers. You can practice object identification, play I Spy (colors, shapes), and introduce the beach all at the same time. There are lots of activities in each illustration that aren’t captured in the text, giving you lots of opportunities to engage pre-readers and ask questions about what is happening.

Recommended Age: read together: 2 to 6; read yourself: 6 to 9.

Little Kid Reaction: We read this book just before vacation. Our daughter liked the book and focused on the things she wanted to do at the beach. We read this book as partners. There are plenty of basic sight words; there are no more than two sentences per page; and the rhyming scheme makes it easy to learn new words.”

“I really recommend ‘Sunny Bunnies’—it’s gentle and sweet and has great pictures that kept my girls very interested.”

“The bright, upbeat book tells the story of a family beach day—shovels, kites, picnics, ice cream and all. Simple, catchy rhymes (“Almost there now—smell the sea? Fling your flip-flops! Follow me”) and colorful illustrations make the shore seem almost irresistible. Warning—expect to be building a sandcastle or two this weekend.”

“Two little bunnies take a seasonal trip in a story told in rhymes—perfect for engaging little readers as you say one word and they can finish off another sentence with the rhyming word. The bunnies will be taking even further seasonal trips in future installments so start your collection of family favorites.”

“Join a brother and sister bunny on their way to the beach. With wonderful rhyming words and fantastic fun all along the way! The bunny family start their day out packing the car up to head to the beach. Adventure ensues as they swim, fly a kite, eat ice cream and end the day with a marshmallow roast. Your little one will love the colorful pictures and flow of the book. I highly recommend this book for all children. Young readers should be able to even sound out the words!”

“[‘Sunny Bunnies’] is a sweet and simple story with beautiful illustrations that kids (up to about age 7 or 8 ) will surely love!”

“This is the time for a trip to the beach and, for the pre-school and early readers, ‘Sunny Bunnies’ by Margie Blumberg and illustrated beautifully by June Goulding tells in rhyme the story of a family trip that is charming and a good way to prepare any youngster for his or her first trip.”

“It’s summertime, and this brother and sister bunny are excited to go to the beach. Together they build a sand castle, fly a kite, have a picnic lunch, and jump in the waves. This fun family rhyming story with colorful illustrations captures a perfect summer day. (Ages 4-8)”

“‘Sunny Bunnies’ is a picture book told in rhyming . . . [W]hen done right, picture books are genius. ‘Sunny Bunnies’ is done right.”


Book Details

Pages : 36
Age Range : 4-8 years
Publication Date : August 12, 2014
Size : 8.5 x 8.5 inches
ISBNs : 978-0-9913646-0-2

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